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Command Center Brief

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Command Center provides call participant management, group management, and basic organization structure from IP-PTT system.
In addition, it can generate or terminate a room for group call. Command Equipment can also control priority of say from the group call participants and give directions as well as invitation to participate and compulsive force out of participants.
Command Center, same as PTT application, provides Voice and Video PTT and conference call functions, messaging transmission, multi-group call, and consolidated command functions.

Command Center Architecture


Command Center Features & Main Functions

Command Center Expected Outcome

Possible to generate, edit, and delete through GUI function necessary call group within PTT

Provides functions to give directions, controlling member participation, and giving priority in saying within call group.

Provides functions to enable group communication by selecting available users within the region via using GIS

Provides functions to play and search contents of the saved voice, video, or messages interfaced with recording server.

Command Center Reference

KT(Samsung Electronics): National Disaster Safety Network PS-LTE PTT