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IoT Paging System Brief

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IoT based PTT Paging system is an integrated service combining IP-PTT system and Wireless LTE based IoT (Internet of Things) technologies that enables disaster (Fire/Typhoon/rainfall/snowfall etc.) info/evacuation, emergency situation, real-time accident/incident broadcasts. It is an PTT VAS (Value Added Service) system transmitting voice message through PTT terminals of multiple amplifiers or drones.
IoT module used for IOT Paging System is composed of Wireless LTE module and the amplifier (fixed) or Drone (Mobile) devices. This system is used in mountain areas, coast lines, isolated regions, islands, or in wide spread industrial complex areas to remotely find out accident/incident situations and control/direct/command through IoT Paging system via PTT terminal amplifiers or drones.

IoT Paging System Architecture


IoT Paging System Features & Main Functions

IoT Paging System Expected Outcome

Possible to quickly transmit necessary information under emergency accident/disaster without any limitation of place and time

Prevent accidents

Quick response and handling of scene of accidents

Possible objective examination of cause of accident/incident through recording info management