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MCU System Brief

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    1:N Voice/Video
    Conference Service
MCU(Multipoint Control Unit) system is an 1:N conference call function among smartphone users who have downloaded the application.
It also provides voice and video conference functions supported by WiFi, 3G, and 4G networks. MCU system provides Transcoding function for diverse voice and video codec mixing to subscribed phones providing voice and video conference call services.
Furthermore, MCU conference call system provides PTT VAS service in relation to IP-PTT solution allowing operation of IP voice and video conference call separate IP-PTT system.

MCU System Architecture


MCU System Main Functions

MCU System Expected Outcome

Maximize work efficiency and strengthen competitiveness

Save and reduce cost and time through video conferencing

Provides conference call service on diverse applications through Android/iPhone modules (Signal, media)

MCU System Reference

SKT T Group ON
KT Giga Conference
KT(Samsung Electronics): National Disaster Safety Network PS-LTE PTT