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mVoIP System Brief

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    1:1 Voice/Video
    Call Service
It is a system to provide 1:1 voice and video call service between subscribers through exclusive application installed in users smartphones that supports WiFi, 3G, and 4G.
Within the mVoIP voice call function, it supports various codec such as G.711, AMR, speex, SILK, OPUS and for the video call function, codec such as H.264, VP8 supports high quality call service. In addition, value added call function of mVoIP enables subscribers to enjoy messaging and chatting services.
Furthermore, mVoIP call system allows subscriber to enjoy PTT functions through IP-PTT system and voice and video call system can be offered separate from IP-PTT system.

mVoIP System Architecture


mVoIP System Features & Main Functions

mVoIP System Expected Outcome

Provides voice and messaging service free of charge/minimal cost.

Provides android/iOS interface module (Signal, Media) and VoIP service can be easily used in diverse applications

Provides SIP standard and RESTful API allowing interface with diverse platforms