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IP-PTT System Brief

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    Calamity &
    Public safety network
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    General corporate & private
IP-PTT(Push To Talk) System is an Internet Protocol based solution using mobile phones as to function as walkie-Talkie. By just pushing a button of the handset, multiple number of people can listen to your voice.
One can preset designated person or groups and communicate 1:1, 1:N, N:N freely enabling communication within the company, public organization, and among general public.
There are various types of IP-PTT: PS-LTE (Public Safety) PTT which is based on LTE IMS for Emergency and Public Safety Network; Private LTE, 3G, WiFi based PTT for companies or individuals.
Conventional VHF, UHF, TRS 2 way radios are narrow band mainly providing voice services whereas IP-PTT is a wide band providing voice, video, messaging and large volume multimedia services.

IP-PTT System Architecture


IP-PTT System Characteristics & Major Functions

IP-PTT System Expected Outcomes

Consolidate system operation to communicate on a real-time basis for National Disaster Safety Network in case of fire, disasters, and other accidents

Real-time base prevention and direction from command center to control railway and marine disasters through LTE-R and LTE-M

Instant direction for disaster prevention in construction and heavy industry sites

Direction and confirmation of delivery/courier status of containers/goods through GPS

Enables to share current status on a real-time basis via transmission of multimedia files, voice and video group calls

Provides group call functions among families and communities via B2C service

IP-PTT System Reference

KT(Samsung Electronics): National Disaster Safety Network PS-LTE PTT
SKT: Supplied IP-PTT Oki-Talkie