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Smart Parking Solution Brief

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It is a mobile app that provides drivers with all necessary information about parking lots in the vicinity area and can easily search for relevant information.
After searching for the parking lot, it will be automatically interfaced with your navigation, entry and exit, parking space locator, and up to payment.
It provides vacant parking lot on a real-time basis and directs users to find empty parking space within the parking lot.
It also accumulates data base and usage pattern of the parking lot through IoT environment in order to provide peak season parking guidance, parking space reservation, parking location, parking fee, and automatic payment.

Smart Parking Solution Architecture


Smart Parking Solution Features & Main Functions

Smart Parking Solution Expected Outcome


Real-time vacant parking space checkPossible to compare search parking lot info from total map, check vacant parking space on a real-time basis, and the location of the parking lot


Reduce Traffic jam / Illegal parkingReduce illegal parking caused by unable to find parking lot/ reduce time to find the parking lot resulting in less traffic jam and environmental problems


Usage status analysis of parking lot by seasonAnalyze parking lot usage pattern through DB accumulation through IoT environment/ DB analysis for high/low season parking lot usage and resolve parking problem


Provision for systematic sliding parking feeApply sliding parking fee by season/region based analysis of usage data / Induce usage of parking lots in other regions besides condensed areas


Improve convenience to driversParking lot reservation / Automatic payment / Parking lot location info and parking fee notice service / Additional driver convenience service development

Smart Parking Solution Reference

Ministry of Science, ICT, Future Planning / Busan Metropolitan City / SKT : Global Smart City Test Complex Development Business Smart Parking