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Smart Guardian Solution Brief

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Smart Guardian solution provides real-time location info search service via GPS, WiFi, base station location info through ones smartphone application.
It is an LBS security system providing continuous monitoring function in order to prevent service subscriber from danger.
The system allows one to locate the protected person on a real-time basis, route history confirmation, and service setting through smartphone application or by connecting to web on the computer.
In addition, the subscriber can also use the VAS such as user manual, FAQ, service subscription, and emergency mobilization.

Smart Guardian Solution Architecture


Smart Guardian Solution Features & Main Functions

Smart Guardian Solution Expected Outcome


Provide application that is necessary for personal safety


Possible to provide speedy situation when protected person is under emergency situation


Convenient use of the consolidated application for guardian & protected person.


Easy to use the service as the service provided on online web service

Smart Guardian Solution Reference

KT : Supplied Smart Guardian