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WebRTC Solution Brief

WebRTC is an API designed to allows mutual communication between web browsers without the support of plugin utilized for voice & video calls and P2P file sharing.
WebRTC solution provides real-time 1:1 voice/video and file/chatting communication service allowing real-time data exchange in web environment.
When WebRTC RMS and Web RTC MCU are additionally composed, real-time 1:N voice/video broadcasting service and N:N voice/video conferencing service are possible. If WEbRTC VAS is additionally composed, diverse user data sharing service can be provided.
Consequently, it provides diverse convenient service to users without limitation to handsets OS type by adopting WebRTC solution.

WebRTC Solution Architecture


WebRTC Solution Features & Main Functions

WebRTC Solution Expected Outcome


Provides diverse media communication function for supporting WebRTC regardless of users handset types


Provides data sharing services of messages, photos, file, and documents for multiple group communications


Provides voice, video, and data service via IoT terminal

WebRTC Solution Reference

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