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RCS Solution Brief

RCS(Rich Communication Suit) is a standardized next generation consolidated communication platform for all global Telcos which is a convenient service that provides sharing of files during call.
RCS Solution provides service infrastructure for unified communication based on RCS/RCS-e/RCS 5.1/5.2/IMS and also provides various multimedia transmission functions such as address book base 1:1, group chatting messenger service, and media transmission during call.
RCS Solution is divided into RCS Server and RCS Client. RCS server includes IM(Instant Messaging Sever), PS(Presence Server), RS(Resource List Server), XDMS(XML Document management Server), APCS(Auto Provisioning and Configuration Server), CS(Contents Server), PNS(Push Notification Server).
RCS Client provides RCS application service based on Android, iOS, and PC base.

RCS Solution Architecture


RCS Solution Features & Main Functions

RCS Solution Expected Outcome


Provides convenient service such as file share during call for Telco subscribers which is considered as next generation consolidated communication platform


Evolved into chatting and messaging service for All-IP network from SMS service for 2G, 3G network


Provides to Telco subscribers as mandatory basic service through smartphone embedded type Joyn and D/L apps

RCS Solution Reference

SKT : RCS PC Client
LGU+ : RCS PC Client