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HD Media Engine Brief

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It is a SW that provides voice and video call service by using smart handset from IP Network. High quality voice and video media processing SDK is provided through smart terminals such as smartphones, tablets, Wearable devices.
Within Korea, the HD Media Engine has been acknowledged to have high quality performance among the Telco Network providers and have numerous commercialized reference such as FMC, RCS Video Share, IP-PTT, mVoIP etc.
It can be serviced in 3G, WiFi, LTE and Internet environments and provides various VAS such as chatting, camera share, memo, location, and file transmissions.
Furthermore, due to the abundant level of experience in handling diverse handset types and OS tuning, speedy technical support and SW upgrade is possible.

HD Media Engine Architecture


HD Media Engine Features & Main Functions

HD Media Engine Expected Outcome


Voice/video call, N:N conference call, disaster, education, advertising, entertainment etc.


Voice service : FMC, VoLTE, smart terminal voice call


Video service : PSVT, RCS Video Sharing, smart terminal video call


All types of Smart Terminal application or terminal Embedded type

HD Media Engine Reference

KT(Samsung Electronics): National Disaster Safety Network PS-LTE PTT)
SKT FMC / RCS (Joyn) video share engine
KT FMC / RCS (Joyn) video share engine
KT WiFi base video call client
LGU+ Homeboy2, Global calling, RCS (Joyn) Video share engine
SKB IPTV Set-top video call
SKT Wearable T Cam service