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IMS Stack Brief

The SDK(Software Development Kit) to provide protocol stack for the development of IMS based call and chatting application, IMS Client Enabler package provides Adaptive layer to minimize the modification of the application.
IMS Stack, interfaced with IMS network, provides signaling protocol function for diverse call and messaging services such as RCS(Rich Communication Suit), VoLTE voice call, PSVT(Packet Switched Video Telephony) video call, and FMC etc.

IMS Stack Architecture


IMS Stack Features & Main Functions

IMS Stack Expected Outcomes


Provides API facilitating IMS applied client SW development even without highly technical IMS knowledge


Provides SDK to allow applied SW development such PTT, Messaging, Voice, and Video interfaced with IMS Network


Possible to apply to IMS based VoLTE, PSVT, RCS, FMC, PTT, conference services

IMS Stack Reference

LGU+ : Homeboy2
SKT/LGU+ : RCS PC Client
SKBB : IPTV Video Call
KT(Samsung Electronics) : National Disaster Safety Network PS-LTE PTT