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Share remarkable mobile service with Ti Square’s 16 years experience and know how.


       The enterprise who provides distinguished customer value,
       The enterprise who execute endless transformation and innovation,
             TI Sqaure leads diversified and smart ICT field.

Company Overview

Company : TI Square Technology Ltd.

Anniversary : 2000.12.08

CEO : Gil-Soo Lee

Tel : +82-31-8092-3600

Fax : +82-31-8092-3609

Address : 58, Pangyo-ro 255beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


Create new dynamic progress engine with upgraded and smart technology.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Unified Solution
  • Advanced Technology

Main Business

Share remarkable mobile service with Ti Square’s 16 years experience and know how.

We pursue innovation through technical competency, creative mindset and flexible organizational culture.


New growth engine

  • 2016

    TL9000인증-케이큐엘인증원(20160226~20180914) 인증번호 T16-001
  • 2015

    PS-LTE based PTT(Samsung Electronics)
    SKT Smart Parking Service
    KT GiGa Conference System
    KT olleh call App
    KT Call and Share System
    SKT OikiTalkie System
    SKT T Family System
    LGU+ Hpmeboy2 IMS Stack Development
  • 2014

    SKT T-group ON service Implementation
    SKT Wearable service Implementation
    KT Olleh popup call service Implementation
    LGU+ UWA service Implementation
    SMART TAP TALK service Implementation
    BGF retail CU mobile management system
  • 2013

    SKT HD conference Implementation
    SKT Smart STB Implementation
    KT Smart Home Phone Implementation
    LGU+ RCS PC Video Call Implementation
    SKT/KT VoLTE MRF Implementation
    SKtelink inteligent network IP Implementation
    Brazil TIM RBT Implementation
    LGU+ ALL IP Agent Implementation
    KT location determination G/W Implementation
    SKT T-silver service Implementation
    KT All-IP Multi-tasking value added service APP Implementation
    Samsung Electronics Dial2Click development Implementation
  • 2012

    SKT/KT/LGU+ Media Engine supply for RCS Video Sharing
    KT Media Engine supply for FMC service
    SKT Media Engine supply for FMC service
    ONSE telecom PPS service platform Implementation
    SKT VoLTE MRF Implementation
    KT VoLTE MRF Implementation

Global enforcement

  • 2011

    SKT star call system Implementation
    KT Media Call(Video Representative Number, Star Line) system Implementation
    KT Home Live system Implementation
    KT WTIS Implementation
    Philippine SMART MCA system Implementation
    Awarded an Invention Prize by Korean Intellectual Property Office
  • 2010

    Italy TIM RBT system Implementation
    Awarded a contributor prize for scientific technology by president
    Malaysia YTL WiMAX based RBT system Implementation
    SKT Dual Stack AIN-IP system Implantation
    Mongolia Skytel RBT-IP/IVR expansion
    SK Networks Video gateway system Implementation
    KT Video chatting plus system expansion
  • 2009

    Awarded a Best R&D Partner prize by KTF R&D center
    Russia NTC Voice SMS system Implementation
    Indonesia Telkom Flexi AIN-IP system expansion
    Philippine SMART Voice SMS system expansion
    KTF Video chatting plus system Implementation
  • 2008

    KTF Video Special Service Platform Implementation
    SKT Int’l Message HUB system Implementation
    Philippine SMART AD Call system Implementation
    KTF SHOW 2.0 service launching agreement
    Mexico IUSACELL PRBT system Implementation
    Indonesia Telkom Flexi DRS system Implementation

Business expansion & growth

  • 2007

    Chongqing China Mobile Voice SMS ASP
    Indonesia Telkom Flexi PMS/CCS system
  • 2006

    W-CDMA based Video Chatting System
    Intelligent IP System(Unitel)
    KTF Emotion Call Service
  • 2005

    Indonesia Telkom Flex AIN-IP system Implementation
    KTF VoisN Service Operator Contract
    Russia NTC PRBT system Implementation
    KT Catch Ringo system Implementation
    Mongolia Skytel PRBT and Voice SMS system Implementation
    Designated as a company for military duty exception
    Philippine SMART Voice SMS system Implementation
  • 2004

    Listed on Venture Company
    KTF VoisN system Implementation
    LG Telecom Copy Music system Implementation
    Malaysia Celcom PRBT system Implementation
    Thailand DTAC PRBT system Implementation
    KTF Ring2U ARS system Implementation
    Malaysia Celcom Voice SMS system Implementation

Established & Going up

  • 2003

    SKT Dual Stack AIN-IP system Implementation
    KT Powertel AIN-IP system Implementation
    China Unicom IN based RBT system Implementation
  • 2002

    R&D center establishment
    2002 World Cup language translation system Implementation
    Speech Recognition PPS Implementation for Aton Telecom
    KTF Catch Music system Implementation
    Singapore Singtel PRBT system Implementation
  • 2001

    Voice and Conference system for SORISI
    SIP based UMS implementation for WOS
    CJ Home shopping SMS GW System Implementation
    MTC PPS System Implementation(2,400 ports)
  • 2000

    Company establishment

Major Awards & Intellectual Property


Tel : +82-31-8092-3600

Fax : +82-31-8092-3609

Address : 58, Pangyo-ro 255beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea