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Anti-voice Phishing Solution Brief

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It is an system to prevent Voice-phishing by analyzing call contents and keyword patterns from the received call of the smartphone users or through landline and alerting/warning the receiver whether the call is Voice-phishing or not.
Existing spam and voice-phishing prevention services are implemented by pre-registering phone number or pre-suspected calls whereas, Anti Voice Phishing service analyzes contents and keyword patterns of the all incoming calls and pre-registered phone numbers on real-time basis.
The result of the analysis are notified to the receiver thereby preventing the voice-phishing and reporting to the police.

Anti-voice Phishing Solution Scenario

Anti Voice Phishing service is a receiving mode setting and the service can be provided for the receiving calls.
Receive call > Voice Phishing engine activation and analyze > Start call > Analyze and decide voice pattern of caller > Alert/warning if judged as Voice Phishing

Anti-voice Phishing Solution Features & Main Functions

Anti-voice Phishing Solution Expected Outcome


Provides detection service for judging voice-phishing from unknown incoming calls


Prevention function from damage from Voice Phishing


Possible to prevent customer damages by installing bank/securities co./government entities/spam prevention Apps


Possible to suppress Voice Phishing through detection and caller warning system