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MMVP Platform Brief

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MMVP (Multi-window & Multi-tasking VAS Platform) is a extended service platform for call and messaging that supports diverse network environment MMVP.
This service platform is characterized by diverse VAS in the form of multi-tasking such as providing picture transmission and location sharing while calling or chatting and also provides open API easily digesting 3rd Party applications.

MMVP Platform Architecture


MMVP Platform Features & Main Functions

MMVP Platform Expected Outcome


Provides info on company’s CI/BI, event promotion, info, bulletin, CS survey etc when smartphone subscriber calls the company


Possible for caller and receiver real-time Multi-Tasking communication


Possible to provide real-time base diverse VAS UI/UX screens by call phase

MMVP Platform Reference

SKT : Supplied T Group on
SKT : Supplied T Call &
KT : Supplied Call & Share